Aftercare and recall

During the periodontal treatment, bacteria are removed from the gum pockets as far as possible. However, your gingiva will still be susceptible to bacteria infection. The risk of gum disease will always exist. To diminish such risk, it is crucial to keep bacteria from settling at the gingival edges and in the remaining gum pockets. Consequently, diligent tooth brushing AND thorough aftercare are essential.


Keeping your teeth and gums in a healthy state can only be achieved by intensive self-care and continuous dental check-ups. Your teeth are always in danger of diseases caused by oral bacteria. As a consequence, the periodontal treatment should be followed by a well-elaborated lifelong aftercare programme. The core of this programme are professional dental cleaning sessions at regular intervals to prevent bacteria from accumulated in inaccessible spaces. We also apply additional medicinal rinsing measures to offer extra caries protection. These pain-free measures are carried out by our prophylaxis assistants every 1-3 months, depending on the degree of disease). 


Edited August 2011 by  KU64, Practice for dental care, implantology and prophylaxis


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