Oral surgery

A dentist only obtains the title "oral surgeon" after the successful completion of a 4-year further education programme in the field of dental surgery. This vocational training is only possible for graduates of dental studies who already hold a dentist's licence to practice. Candidates are usually trained in the oral and maxillofacial surgery department of a hospital. To a large extent, oral and implant surgery are part and parcel of the operational practice. After 4 years, candidates have to prove their knowledge and practical expertise by passing a final examination before obtaining the title of an "oral surgeon".


At KU64 practice, our fully licensed oral surgeon carries out the following treatments:



For further information, please refer to our "Implants" section, where you will find a compilation of the most important questions.



Edited August 2011 by  KU64, Dentist in Berlin

Dental surgery Berlin
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