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Below you will find some comments written by our visitors and patients (in chronological order). We're always happy to receive your suggestions and comments!


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"Dear Mr Ziegler, dear KU64 team,

as an active donor for West Coast Kids and a South Africa "addict", I'd like to thank you for your commitment. There should be more people like you who are willing to share with the disadvantaged people of the world. I have been reading this blog and was shocked by a number of rather thoughtless comments. Such malicious statements are typical for people who have never been to Africa and have never looked beyond their own noses, while living off the fat of their own land - the benefits of the welfare state they live in. Your example has given me a new motivation to ask my friends and acquaintances for donations. Let's hope that the kids will take these positive experiences with them into the future."


Anne Brunner, Nuremberg



"Ladies and Gentlemen, dear KU64 team,

Ms. Jacke told me about your commitment to children living on the Westcoast of South Africa, so I've been following this blog with great interest.

I think you did a great job in connection with this project because you didn't let the difficulties get you down.

If we, the people living in the wealthier parts of the world, only had more courage and a greater sense of responsibility, life on our planet would be a lot better!

I hope that you were able to enjoy at least a bit of the beauty of this wonderful country before you returned to your daily routine and the winter in Berlin.

I wish you all the best!"

Carsten Direske, Berlin


"That's what I call a dental practice with heart and mind, excellent performance!" Sven Döring, Berlin


"A young team, an exciting atmosphere, many fascinating ideas, friendly service." Barbara Prib, Berlin


"The best dentists and the best service ever!" Carsten Nicolei, Berlin


"Super nice team, stylish and comfy rooms, modern technology, state-of-the-art treatment, first class!" Cathrin K., Berlin


"Our whole family has been here!" Yvonne Roscher-Schneider, Berlin


"Patient treatment has remained at a high level here, and the practice has become even nicer over the years (especially the rooftop deck)!" Monika Namberger, Berlin


"High level of expertise, very inviting atmosphere!" S. Becker, Berlin


"The staff's kindness and hospitality toward young and old patients is remarkable. Thank you very much!!!" Ines Freigang, Berlin


"Even as a national health patient, I felt as if I were on board the Starship Enterprise." A. K.


"Perfectly organized practice with a pleasant ambience." Petra Wiktor-Wedepohl, Berlin


"2007 was a special year for me because I had my teeth completely restored. What's more, my deep-rooted fear of the dentist has miraculously vanished with KU64. Thanks a million!" G.K. from Berlin


"This practice is gorgeous in every way. It's awesome that you have already achieved more than others did in the past 100 years." I.P. from Bielefeld


"Congratulations on this magnificent practice! If my daily grind becomes unbearable, I'll just come here again to treat myself to some visual distraction. See you soon, your tooth fairy"… Uli from Hannover


"The visual concept of this dental practice is just breathtaking! Good to know that there are still some "lateral thinkers" in this business." J. Sch., Bielefeld


"KU64 - The world's coolest dental clinic...." "The Cool Hunter" news magazine


"I don't speak German, but I'd like to work there myself!" Jay


"It's the most beautiful dental practice in Germany … both with a unique design and service. This practice proves the fact that it's still possible to fascinate one's customers not only by little changes and improvements, but by a whole new and radical way of thinking that leaves noting to be desired. You shouldn't ask your customers how they like your service but what their dreams are! Only then you'll get a perfect result. Wow!" B. S.


"I'm pretty sure that we'll hear and read much more about this practice in the future." J. W.


"….a new dental practice in Berlin to be checked out, with a cool design and a great homepage." J. W.


"A report on KU64 on RTL caught my attention, so I visited your homepage and I must say that it's a crying shame that this concept is only available for patients in Berlin! But maybe someday there'll be more medical practices throughout Germany that are willing to offer even their panel patients a touch of exclusiveness … !" Beate


"Hello. I've seen your practice on TV. It's absolutely gorgeous! I'd like to work with you." V.B., Berlin


"Simply smashing! It's a shame that we don't have a similar dental practice here in Freudenstadt. As a patient with a phobic fear of dental treatments, this would really help!" Birgit


"... This page is absolutely awesome. It's a pity that I live too far away!" Paul


"KU64's website looks fascinating and professionally designed. One gets a good impression of this enterprise." U. V., Hamburg


"... Besides, I'd like to say that your homepage is really appealing, the photos, the texts, everything. In short, to me it seems close to perfection." F. B., Berlin


"Congrats on this website! CONGRATS ON THE SECOND PRIZE!!" C. G., Potsdam


"This webpage looks as attractive as the practice itself … I think I should go there when I have a job in Berlin again … the concept is ingenious and seems hard to top as far as I can see from iNet" … Chris


"Dear KU64 team, your new webpage is simply gorgeous, especially the graphics. Your web designers have done an absolutely brilliant job!" S. H., Berlin



Updated 8 August 2009

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