Welcome to KU64's Press Corner

In close cooperation with his team, Dr Stephan Ziegler, dentist in Berlin, publishes press reports for media use at regular intervals. Please click on this link for the latest press releases by KU64.


Press office:

Petros Prontis, email: prontis@KU64.de

tel.: +49 (0)30-86 47 32 22 or +49 (0)178-13 46 85 8.


In addition, we'd like to inform you about the coverage of KU64 by various print media, radio stations, and TV channels (in their original langouge).


For Media:

We have images in high resolution for journalistic purposes. Please note that the indication of www.KU64.de as a source is obligatory. On request we will gladly provide you with high-resolution printable images upon request.


Edited July 2009 by Dentist KU64, Practice for Dental Care, Implantology and Prophylaxis

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