Our dental laboratory: Smile Design Berlin

While more and more dentists in Germany rely on "mass-produced" dental prostheses made in East European or Asian dental laboratories, we go the other way by making our own high-tech prostheses. German mechanical engineering companies are market leaders in the manufacturing of "intelligent" CAD/CAM (computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing) devices, which our dental laboratory SMILE DESIGN uses. In doing so, we preserve jobs in Europe and achieve a precision which is hardly possible without the use of high-end technology.


We'll gladly show you around our practice where you can have a closer look at our state-of-the-art equipment. In fact, our dental technicians and the high-end devices they handle make a perfect "team" in which the machines do "the dirty job" of producing highly functional chewing units which are then turned into wonderful white teeth by our human specialists. Our dental technicians will gladly answer all of your questions about dental aesthetics - while you're leaning back in one of our comfortable treatment chairs.


A long warranty period is given for ceramics, prostheses, crowns, etc. made by your KU64-dentist or in our SMILE DESIGN dental laboratory. Please ask your dentists for detailed information.



The most important SMILE DESIGN services are:

  • front and lateral tooth aesthetic
  • veneers 
  • zirconia ceramic CAD/CAM 
  • press ceramic/ceramic inlays 
  • implants
  • implant prosthetics
  • crown and bridge technology
  • telescope and attachment technology
  • synthetic prostheses
  • anti-snoring mouthpiece
  • teeth grinding mouthguard


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Dental Laboratory Berlin
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