An efficient prophylaxis programme for young children and adolescents

The compulsory health insurance in Germany covers the costs of the related prophylactic basis programme for young children and adolescents aged 6-18. This coverage includes the following services: 


  • oral hygiene instructions
  • dental fluoridation
  • oral hygiene indices
  • fissure sealing in molars



In addition, KU64 takes care of  your children's teeth by offering:


  • determination of caries risk
  • professional tooth cleaning (prophylaxis) and hardening of dental enamel
  • dental hygiene training and motivation


Your children will enjoy their visit to our practice as we fitted it with a kid's corner. Here they'll find everything their hearts desire, from toys to a Playstation. Your little ones can even watch magic tricks called "Fridolina" or "The Fairy's Rocket" which our staff performs for them. Like many others, six-year-old Janine was so smitten with all the possibilities in the kid's corner that she simply did not want to leave!


Whether you want to prepare your child for the dental visit or whether you are simply interested in the topic, we would like to recommend the children's book "Alle deine Zähne" ("All Your Teeth", German edition published by Carl Hanser Verlag) by Natalie Tordjman and Jörg Mühle. You can purchase it at our premises for ? 12.90.  


Edited August 2011 by KU64, Dentistry and Prophylaxis

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