A children’s dentist for our youngest patients: Dentistry for children and teens at KU64

Hello children’s dentist! Bye-bye waiting room!

The KU64-World of holistic dentistry for children and teens offers plenty of room for play, fun, and a relaxed appointment with a children’s dentist. The KU64 Young Stars, large and small, are welcomed into a colorful Children's Paradise with ball pit, climbing wall, Cavity Cave, Playstation, and fabulous books. That makes even the very first appointment fun!

The first visit to the children’s dentist - welcome!

The first visit to the children’s dentist should ideally take place when the first tooth grows in. Milk teeth and young, permanent teeth have not yet grown up, and they require especially sensitive care. We treat infants, children, and teens up to 18 years, as well as expectant mothers, both those with healthy teeth and dental problems. Children are born with a healthy oral cavity and, along with their parents, we want keep it that way.

What do our children’s dentists do?

Our children’s dentists team gives you not only dental advice, but our young patients also receive care from dedicated people they can trust. After the initial consultation at our office, which lets us get to know each other, and a thorough examination, an individual treatment and prevention plan is developed. Our dentists examine tooth structure, tooth alignment, gums, oral mucosa, and dental development, always keeping in mind that this mouth belongs to a young personality. Of course, our dentists explain in detail what they are doing at every stage of treatment and answer any questions you might have.


Our children’s care includes:

  • Fissure sealing
  • Cavities in children
  • Children’s orthodontics
  • Children’s prevention
  • Laughing gas treatment
  • Therapeutic hypnosis
  • General anesthesia

What is the secret of our dental practice?

At Berlin's largest children’s dental office, your child will be taught correct brushing techniques in an impressive and child-friendly way—and this way cavities will not even start. But also in the treatment room, we take active measures to deal with fear: Our dentists entertain our Young Stars with music, stories, talking puppets, and magic tricks, and whoever wants to can watch a movie during treatment.


A delicious preliminary anesthetic, laughing gas, tranquilizer juice, and children’s hypnosis are other ways for your child to have a dental visit that is as pleasant and painless as possible, while at the same time general anesthesia should be avoided.


The pedagogical approach

We make no secret of our twenty years of dental experience and our team of specialists in the fields of prevention and orthodontics. On the contrary, even the smallest children learn how they can best take care of their teeth:


Young children need to get used to the dentist. The children’s dentists in our office know exactly how they need to behave in order to build trust. At the KU64 Young Stars doctor school, the child’s awareness of dental health is awakened. At our family dental office, they learn not only how to brush their teeth, but also about the exciting chair. They experience “the sun and wind,” the “Tooth Show,” feel the “Tooth Shine,” and have fun with the “mouth washing machine.” Then there are fun stamps on their own certificates—and the dental treatment can start.


Through this educational approach, our children’s dentists teach kids in a memorable way at an early stage how important dental care is.


* Individual and painless cavity risk checks using the latest dental information (laser cavity diagnosis, saliva tests, etc.)

* Regular professional tooth cleaning—treating areas that even the best toothbrush can’t reach, including polishing well beyond the standard requirements of statutory health insurance.

* Stain removal and pigment deposits

* Fissure sealing of premolars and deciduous teeth

* Temporary fissure sealing

* Often repeated enamel hardening using targeted deep-penetration fluoridation far beyond the standard requirements of statutory health insurance

* Special treatments for halitosis

* Toothbrush Check—recommendations for the right toothbrush according to age

* SMS reminder the day before each appointment

* Free teeth cleaning products and sugar-free sweets

* KU64 Dental Certificate with the Prevention-Fairy Seal


The magical dental practice

Another special feature of our pediatric dentists team: The complete team is trained in THERAPEUTIC MAGIC ® - A combination of magic and hypnotherapy—trained by the expert, Annalisa Neumeyer. Our pediatric dentists and their assistants know many amazing magic tricks to make kids and families in a relaxed during treatment and make them have a fun-filled visit to KU64!

Award-winning design

The design of the children’s dental office was carried out by GRAFT Architects: The area for our younger patients fits seamlessly into the design of the KU64 Dental Office. Since our opening in January 2010, we offer kids a very special visit to the dentist.

We are especially proud of the recognition of our children’s dental office as an outstanding healthcare building by the Association of German Architects in 2013.


Press release of AKG in BDA on the award for outstanding healthcare buildings in 2013

Children’s dentists at KU64:

Children’s dentists at KU64:

Children’s dentist Dr. Birte Habedank (née Berding)

Children’s dentist Inke Supantia

Children’s dentist Wiebke Long

The children’s prevention assistant at KU64: Maja Asoska


Entrance to Children and Teens’s Dentistry at Kurfürstendamm 65 10707 Berlin Phone 030-864 73 20 Fax 030-864 73 242 E-mail: info@ku64.de, www.ku64.de

Telephone appointments: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.- 8.00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

We have reserved free parking for our guests in the courtyard.

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Photos: Kris van Dorn




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