Systematic periodontal treatment

In general, the systematic periodontal treatment aims at removing bacteria below the gums and in the gingival pockets in order to eliminate the cause of the infection.


The systematic periodontal treatment is divided into 4 phases:

  • Pretreatment (2-3 sessions)

In this first phase, the gingival plaque will be removed manually or by means of our high-end dental equipment. We also show you various tips and tricks to put you in the position to keep your mouth plaque-free without seeing your dentist. Of course, your cooperation is a decisive factor for the success of such periodontal treatment - so let's work together! We need you to cooperate to achieve the best results.

  • Main treatment (1-2 sessions)

In the course of the systematic periodontal treatment, bacterial colonies and their hard residues (so-called "concrements") will be removed from the root surfaces. This is partly accomplished by using special manual instruments, and ultrasound in combination with mouth rinse solutions, and a laser treatment, which is usually applied under local anaesthesia. This laser device (our pride and joy!) works with a fluorescence-based feedback system which detects deeply-set bacterial concrements in the gum pockets. The concentrated beam of light volatilises the bacteria by small laser impulses which sterilize the pockets. The laser treatment also stimulates the microcirculation and thus accelerates the healing process.

Please note: In some cases, a temporary hot and cold or biting sensitivity might occur in some teeth. In general, this shouldn't be a cause for concern.

  • Regeneration (bone rebuilding) if possible

It is often possible to rebuild bones and/or the periodontium destructed by periodontitis (regeneration).    

By implementing a special minimally invasive microsurgical method based on biologically-active substances, your own bone is stimulated to build up new osseous material. Of course, this effect only occurs in the case of a fully-completed systematic periodontal treatment and good oral hygiene on your part.

  • Aftercare and recall

By means of such periodontal treatment, bacteria in the gingival pockets are eliminated as far as possible. However, these sensitive oral areas will still be attractive breeding grounds for bacteria. The risk of gum disease can never be excluded. To diminish such risk, it is absolutely necessary to prevent critical numbers of bacteria from settling at the gingival edges and in the remaining gum pockets. Therefore, you should set a high value on thorough tooth brushing AND aftercare.


Keeping your teeth and gums in a healthy state, which can only be achieved by intensive self-care and continuous dental check-ups, is never easy. Your teeth are always in danger of diseases caused by oral bacteria. This is why lifelong aftercare should be taken after the periodontal treatment. A corresponding care programme comprises professional dental cleaning at regular intervals to prevent bacteria from accumulating in inaccessible spaces. We also apply additional medicinal rinsing measures which offer caries protection as well. These measures are generally pain-free and will be carried out by our prophylaxis assistants every 1-3 months (depending on the degree of disease).



Edited September 2011 by  KU64, Dentist in Berlin for gum diseases/parodontology


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