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IT LOOKS LIKE THE FUTURE in Check this 3D photo tour out! It's a very modern dentist's office in Germany. It looks like the future. (...) mit dem vollständigen Text über KU64 geht es hier weiter

LIFE'S A BEACH in Creating the kind of dental practice that people really want to spend time in is no mean feat. Berlin-based architecture practice Graft has turned the KU64 clinic into a beach-inspired haven, creating a calm yet visually exciting environment for employees and visitors alike, finds Indigo Clarke. The KU64 dental clinic is a dual level, 945sq m space in Berlin, taking its name from its prestigious Kurfürstendamm address. The ambience is more that of a stylish members? bar than the staid utilitarian atmosphere you might expect from a traditional dental surgery. Futuristic and strangely sumptuous in monochrome yellow, the rounded, sand-dune-inspired surrounds are designed to put your mind at ease and create a powerful aesthetic experience. (...) mit dem vollständigen Text über KU64 geht es hier weiter

COOL DENTAL in Who would have thought a dental clinic could be this cool? The 10,180-square-foot clinic (called KU64 after its Kurfürstendamm address) is located in Berlin and was designed by the hot firm, GRAFT, the same people that were behind Berlin's new super lifestyle Hotel "Q". (...) mit dem vollständigen Text über KU64 geht es hier weiter

THE WORLD'S COOLEST DENTAL CLINIC in The incredible design makes you feel like you're in an A-list Hollywood members bar - certainly not the usual ambiance associated with utilitarian spaces like this one which houses eight dentists. The cocoon like spaces are filled with light, creating an elegant sense of flow and space. It makes even a session of root canal seem inviting. (...) mit dem vollständigen Text über KU64 geht es hier weiter

DENTAL CLINIC in McGraw-Hill Construction Media Services: Graft renders dental visits spalike, complete with metaphoric beach dunes, at the sun-bright KU64 clinic in Berlin. The hot marigold hues of the swooping walls, floors, and ceilings in Berlin?s KU64 dental clinic make you totally forget you are in the domain of the screechy drill and the softly intoned claim,?This won?t hurt.? In tackling the design of a place so many dread, Graft, architects with offices in Berlin, Los Angeles, and Beijing, sought to create a comfortably upbeat ambience. The clinic?s location on the fifth and sixth floors of an office building overlooking Kurfürstendamm, a grand shopping boulevard, gave the designers an idea. ?With ample sun coming through the south-facing windows, we thought this would be perfect for a beach scenario,? says principal Lars Krückeberg. (...) mit dem vollständigen Text über KU64 geht es hier weiter McGraw-Hill Construction Media Services


They say if you're cool in Berlin then you are quite possibly cool anywhere. Stephan Ziegler has just made himself the coolest dentist in the German capital and pioneered a new way of lessening the pain of dental treatment.

Has he come up with a new kind of anaesthetic? A new type of drill? No. He's made his patients feel better by simply improving the environment of the dental surgery.

As surprising as it may seem, this simple change seems to make all the difference. Patients who find themselves in the orange and burgundy interior claim that they are more relaxed about the treatment they are about to undergo. It still hurts, they say, but not as much as other dentists. Orange is a good mood colour and is often used in bars and restaurants.

When patients come to the surgery on Kurfuerstendamm Boulevard they have more than just the orange interior and comfortable sofas to keep them occupied. Dr. Ziegler also provides internet access, a fireplace and a roof terrace. Some patients even linger in the waiting room after their check-up because it is so comfortable there.

Ziegler has also taken a name for his surgery that might be more in keeping with the name of a café or nightclub. The sign 'Ku64' tends to confuse first-time visitors who enter and then wonder if they are in an airport lounge or the lobby of a hotel. Dr. Ziegler loves it when people ask, "Where is the dental practice?"

This level of chic does not come without a price tag. Dr. Ziegler invested 1.5 million euros in setting up his practice. He handed the contract for the design work over to internationally-renowned architects Wolfram Putz and Thomas Willemeit of Graft Archticts, who design offices all over the world.

Putz and Willemeit, more known for their work in hotels and restaurants, came up with the stunning design. They are pleased with their work and looking forward to a new trend in 'designer dental practices'.

Whatever the cost, it seems to be meeting with the approval of dental patients in this affluent part of Berlin. The environment, they say, soothes them and makes the whole experience less painful than in traditional dental surgeries.

A dental surgery that looks like a restaurant. Well, you do use your teeth for eating!

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KU64 - THE MOST MODISH DENTAL CLINIC in Do you dread the very idea of visiting a dentist? Fear no more, this is the right place to put your fears to rest luxuriously! Here is the chance to combine dental treatment with a luxurious relaxing retreat. Welcome to KU64 dental clinic where a lifetime of healthy gums and sparkling teeth await you. The 10,180-square-foot-clinic KU64 (named after its Kurfursendam address) is located in Berlin and was designed by the hot firm, GRAFT. The cocoon like spaces are filled with light, creating an elegant sense of flow and space. The astounding color concepts and the contours add an opulence touch to the remedial process. (...) mit dem vollständigen Text über KU64 geht es hier weiter

MEDICAL  DESIGN CAN BE FRESH in This is the dentist's office, KU64,  in Berlin. Not exactly what comes to mind when I think of dentist, medicine, clinic, or doctor's office. And though this isn't my favorite design look per se, I do love the fact that someone is really thinking and designing medical places in a different way. Designed by the firm, GRAFT, this place reminds me that there is energy around thoughtful design for the medical world out there. I want a cure, but in the meantime, I want the best medical experience I can possibly have while I'm waiting. And that includes aesthetic experience too. (...) mit dem vollständigen Text über KU64 geht es hier weiter

SPACESHIP KU64 HAS LANDED in KU64, the new practice of dental specialists associated with Dr. Ziegler in the Berlin Ku'damm district in Germany is just extraordinary! The GRAFT architectural office that has done work for Hollywood stars like Brad Pitt and the Berlin Q! has created a dental practice high above the roofs of Berlin situated in a ?dune landscape?. It doesn?t look like a dentist?s office: A sandy ochre dominates, and the dental treatment rooms are hidden in the ?dunes.? In the new practice, a waterfall splashes in the oral hygiene room. In the waiting room, a suspended stove creates a relaxed atmosphere, and the reception area feels like a bar in a good restaurant. In good weather, the patients sun themselves on the roof terrace with a view of the Kurfürstendamm before seeing the dentist. Patients and employees wind up the evening with a pleasant visit around the stove. All of the furniture and KaVo treatment units are precisely tailored to the needs of the dental specialists. The result: The unusual appearance and the outstanding service concept has been a magnet for new patients. (...) mit dem vollständigen Text über KU64 geht es hier weiter



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Text: KU64, Zahnarzt Berlin-Charlottenburg (Adenauer Platz)


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